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We adore mail. It makes us feel ALIVE and it's easier than a seance. Tell us what you think, let us feel the love, or verbally spit on our graves with a poisoned pen letter. If you have questions or a problem with the site email us. If you want to inquire about graphics at prices to die for, email us.Even if you just want to share a cup of Hemlock tea email us!
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A little History


Trespauze in 2004


musicroom_2004Trespauze Manor has been evolving since 2002. Back then, I was a neophyte's neophyte, knowing next to nothing about HTML or creating graphics, let alone animation. Between tutorials I found on the web, a program called Ulead Gif animator, and some free web hosting (they had their own web builder) slowly Trespauze came together. To make things worse I became inflicted with the Curse of Details. I wanted the rooms to be as period acurate as possible, and that meant doing a lot of research, which is on-going.
On the left, you'll see Trespauze Manor's music room circa 2004. I'm still proud of that player piano - one of my first animations. However,the spirits of Trespauze were not satisfied, and I found myself revamping the rooms almost yearly to appease them. After my daughter's college graduation I went back to school. In 2013 I earned my degree in Multimedia Technologies, accomplishing in 2 years what takes most 4. I did it while working 2 jobs and maintaining a 3.98 GPA (a bit of shameless bragging !). At this writing (August, 2016) Trespauze has under gone another growth spurt. It is no longer a lonely haunted adventure, but has been joined by other entities. Each ghoulishly delightful in their own right, each with the ability to evolve (kind of like The Blob).


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