Michaela's Rise3

Jamie had not meant for Elena to see him. In fact he had been as much surprised as she had been.  It was only that Michaela could not shake the feeling of something being wrong, and wanting to put her worries to rest, that he had visited her.  Now, he was unsure if he should tell Michaela that her worries may be founded after all. 
When some people worry they turn to eating, drinking, or smoking to handle the stress.  In Michaela's case she remained in continous motion. She seemed to be always cooking or cleaning something. Lacking that she roamed the streets, with either Dave or Georgie dogging her, and sometimes both. It was an unspoken agreement, that Michaela should not be alone, and even though Jamie could 'take over' if a threat was detected, the duo felt better actually being with her. DD was not known for playing fair, and odds were if he decided to move it would not be on one to one terms.  
It was a Saturday afternoon, filled with sunshine and children at play.Curbside flowers swayed in a gentle breeze. It was a perfect picture of suburban life, Michaela decided. Even though she knew that a scant few blocks over, there were dirty alley ways strewn with derilects.  They were approaching the end of the block, and Dave was asking her something about getting ice cream, when she saw the blood red ball roll into the street, followed by a laughing boy of about six.  At the same time from her peripherial vision she noticed the car coming up a little too fast, the driver paying more attention to his cell phone then to the road and oblivious to the child, who was now in the middle of the street.   She bolted towards the child, breaking into a sprint, her purse slipping off her shoulder and to the street.  She grabbed the child with both hands and sprung forwards, as screaming breaks split the air around her. The bumper making contact with her legs and lifting her and the child onto the hood, with a loud thud. Michaela coiled around the child as best she could in mid-air attempting to shield him from the worst of the blow. As they landed she rolled and landed on pavement, she on her back , the child pressed hard against her.  Dave and Georgie were barely a step behind. Now as Dave knealt next to her, Georgie had wrenched the driver's door open and jerked the driver out, pinning him against the side of the car.  The driver yeowled in protest, "I didn't see them!  They just ran out! It was an accident!"
"Is Mickey ok, Dave?" Georgie called out, then hissed into the man's face, "I swear if either is hurt bad, I will kill you."
Michaela laid with eyes closed, clinging tightly to the small child. Pain ebbed and danced through her. Someone was saying they had called 911, and she could hear Dave calling her name,  but that is not what she was listening for. "Please, God. Please," she thought, and there it was, small and muffled, but there, a whimpering that swelled to a full cry.  She smiled as she sat up. Dead kids don't cry, she thought, cradling the child carefully, she opened her eyes and looked upon him. "You ok? You hurt?"  Visually she didn't detect any damage.  The boy nodded unable to talk through his tears.  
A nearly hysterical woman, obviously his mother, pushed through the small crowd fairly screaming his name.  "Mommy!" The boy twisted reaching out for her and Michaela relinquished her hold.  She began to try and stand, only to have Dave push her back.
"Oh no you don't. You just lie there until the EMTs can check you out. Ma'am?" He looked at the tearful mother now clinging to her little boy, and torn between hugging him to bits, and being furious that he had ran into the streets. "I advise you to do the same, have the EMTs check him out."
Georgie placed Michaela's purse next to her on the gurney. "It clashes with my outfit," he tried to elicit a smile. "No worries, luv. They're right to take you in for a once over."
It had been decided that Michaela spend the night in the hospital for observation.  The woman and little boy stopped by her room to say thanks.  Michaela was more than relieved to see the child had only a few minor bruises, and now, over his fright was curious about all the machines the hospital had. 
As for herself, well she felt as if she had been hit by a car. Her back ached as did her thigh, and she had a humdinger of a headache, although the demerol drip was taking care of that.  She was vaguley aware of Dave and Georgie stopping in, and of Jamie hovering nearby, of a tearful Elena leaning over her, then sleep came. Deep, dreamless sleep.

The hospital staff had persuaded the trio to go home for the night. Michaela was in no immediate danger and there was nothing they could do.  Dave and Georgie explained to Elena what had happened. 
"Sounds just like Mom," she looked at them ,"You wouldn't have been able to stop her, you know.  Just thank God she's going to be ok."
"But are you ok?" Georgie looked her full in the eyes, "No offense, but you look like crap."
"Gee thanks," Elena retorted, "I'm fine, just having a hard time sleeping is all." 
"Why's that?"
Elena shrugged, "No reason, just the most bizzare dreams."

Elena would not elaborate on her dreams, so Georgie let it drop. He already knew anyway, he thought.  Dave said he had left some things in Elena's room and left to remove them. He hadn't left anything, but he would now. Behind the bed's headboard he wedged some rosemary, and placed a layer of salt at all the windows.  These were to ward off evil and bad dreams. Between the wall and leg of the bed he placed a small microphone.  He smiled wryly, modern techknowledgey, you had to love it. 
He had done the same in Michaela's room. He knew the women would object, but it was for their own good.  With the microphones in place, he and Georgie could monitor for any activity that shouldn't be.  Maybe even detect the demon before they could even scream.  Leaving the room, he hoped it was all unnessecary.  
Once they had brought Michaela home from the hospital, Elena went into mother hen mode, insisting that she go straight to bed, despite Mickey's protests that she was fine, just achey. 
Standing in the doorway of her room, Michaela 'ohed' a few times.  Next to her bed a vase of fresh flowers stood on her nightstand, and near the foot of her bed, on a rolling cart, was a small tv.  "You guys, really want to make an invalid out of me, don't you?" she smiled.
"Just becareful you don't trip over the cords," Georgie warned, his dimple showing."Dave and I thought it might help you pass the time."
"Pass- but I'm fine. Really!"
"Now, Mama, the doctor said you were to take it easy for a few days," Elena hushed her. "Now into bed," she cast a look at Dave and Georgie, "A little privacy, please. I'm sure my mother won't need you to help with her nightgown." With that she gave them a playful shove out.
Once they were alone, Michaela looked hard at Elena, her blue eyes filled with concern. "Elena, it looks like you could do with some rest as well."
"No, changing the subject, Mama," Elena commanded," I'm going to make us some lovely chamomille tea, while you get into your pjs and into bed." Elena was not a large woman at 5'4, but she had to lean down to peck her mother's cheek.  
As soon as Elena left the room, Michaela let out a sigh of relief. The boys had spirited her charts and newspaper clippings of what they thought may be demon attacks, as well as her books on the occult away. She had planned a small lie about writing a book if Elena had asked about them, but now she was spared that lie.  
She stripped off her street clothes and donned the gown Elena had laid out for her.  She wanted to discuss it all with Elena, who was bright and intelligent, but at the same time she wanted to protect her. Besides, would Elena believe her, or think she was more then slightly cracked?
By dinner time, she had convinced Elena that she was well enough to join them for dinner at the table, although she had to promise to return straight away to bed. The four of them sat around the kitchen table, making small talk and laughing. Michaela was happy to see that Elena had seemed to warm towards the boys, no longer grilling them as though they were suspects.  Once dinner was over, the boys chased them both off to bed, stating they'd clear and do the dishes.  Elena, running out of adrenalin now that she knew her mother was safe, gratefully accepted their offer.  Several times, she had felt as if she'd fall asleep in her mashed potatoes.  Yes, bed sounded wonderful.  
She no sooner slipped between the sheets then Morpheous wrapped her in his arms.
When the boys decided to call it a night, they flipped on the two monitors that alowed them to hear into the women's rooms. As previously arranged, they'd take turns listening through the night for anything unusual in either room. Georgie and Dave both felt a bit uneasy at invading their privacy this way, but felt it nessecary. If the demons came in their weakened states, every moment would count, and knowing DD
this is what he would do.
Elena was having the worst dream.  She twisted and turned in her sleep, as some creature with smoldering eyes tormented her. She couldn't really see it, but heared its slithering sounds, and felt its forked tongue flick against her flesh, searing where it touched. Its foul breath causing her to gag. She woke with a start, and looked panic stricken about her. Surely she must still be dreaming, because she could still hear it, and smell its foul breath. Pain throbbing in the areas the tongue had touched, as if she had been burnt.  Pressing herself into a corner of the bed, against the wall, and clutching her pillow against her as a shield, she chanted to herself, "It's only a dream. A dream. All I have to do is wake up. Wake up, Elena! Wake up!" 
Georgie's head pivoted towards her reciever, as he opened his mouth to wake Dave, he saw there was no need, as Dave was nearly at the door already. At the same moment a loud crash came from the reciever monitoring Michaela's room.  As they darted down the door way, Dave yelled, "Go to Mickey! I've got Elena!"
"Divide and conquor. Just like our dear DD," the thought darted across Georgie's mind. In his hand he gripped a hunting knife, the twin of which Dave carried. He hoped they were enough.
Inside Michaela's room, a battle ensued.  Jamie had lain in wait, watching over his younger sister. No sooner had she bolted awake from her nighmare, then he had stepped in, grabbing the ballbat from next to her bed.  The creature rose and hissed at him, dragon-like in appearance, it's claws razor sharp.  The mouth yawned flashing hooked fangs, while the yellow eyes flashed.  It raised on clawed paw and smacked him into the wall.  With a cry, Jamie swung the bat hard catching the side of the creature's head.  Georgie bursting into the room, wasted no time, but lunged on the creature's back, stabbing it over and over, while it bucked and writhed beneath him, arching its neck in a feeble attempt to strike him, while Jamie rushed forwards with the bat, striking the creature where ever he could. The creature's attention divided, allowed Georgie to drive his knife deep into it's eye. It fell dead at Jamie's feet, and he delivered a vicious kick to its fangs.  He leaned down and retrieved Georgie's knife, as blood pooled under the body.  They didn't exchange words, but tossing Georgie his knife, Jamie sprinted to Elena's room. 
As a child, Michaela had told Elena when ever she had a bad dream to tell it to go away or she'd call her Mom.  Now pressed against the wall in abject terror from a dream she could not wake herself from, Elena remembered that advice. She screamed for her mother at the top of her lungs.  To her surprise, it was not her mother who burst through her door, but Dave, brandishing a knife.  For a moment, Dave saw nothing but Elena and he started towards her, only to find himself tossed against the dresser.  Again he tried to get to her and again he found himself airborn, crashing heavily against the wall.  How was he to fight something that seemed to be only mist?  "The eyes, David!  Look for its eyes!" Elena's panicked voice carried to him, as he saw a tongue flick from the mist and sear his arm.  
Jamie and Georgie arrived in time to hear this, and as Georgie drew the beast's attention, Jamie made it to Elena's side.  Of course to Elena  it was her mother coming her to her aide, and she stretched her arms out for the safety of her mother's embrace.  Jamie pushed Elena behind him, and for the first time he felt Michaela's consciousness stir. This was her child, her baby - no way would she remain dormant while Elena was in danger.  She snatched the cover from the bed and tossed it in the direction of the hissing, her aim was true, the mist now covered had form. The creature twisted and turned attempting to free itself.  The three swarmed the blanket, stabbing and striking it with a great fury, until it was dark with blood and motionless.  The bat dangling from one hand, and the other arm about Elena, Michaela led Eleana from the room.  Georgie and Dave paused only long enough to pour Holy water on the form before closing the door and repeating the same on the prostrate creature in Michaela's room, before following the women into the living room.  Elena and Mickey were curled together on the couch, holding each other for comfort.  Unseen but with them was Jamie, his arms around them both.  
Entering Dave whispered to Georgie, "He's with them."
Georgie whispered back,"I know," then louder asked, "Everyone alright?"
"Alright!? Alright!?" Elena's voice rose near hysteria. "How could anyone be alright after that? What the hell is going on here?"
"Shhhh, baby, shhhh," Michaela pulled her daughter's head down onto her shoulder and tried to soothe her.  "Calm down and we'll try to explain.  If we can explain it in a way that will make sense to you."
Dawn reached its rosey fingers in through the windows, pushing back the darkness. They had tried to explain the impossible as simply as they could to Elena, who now sat in a resigned state of mind.  " I guess, the next question would be...what do we do with the bodies?"  
"No need to do anything," Dave spoke, "once demons are dead, they just sortof...well disenegrate - disappear."
"Well that's handy," Elena said, "Mom, can I have a new blanket?" She attempted a smile. 

Elena decided that she would sleep in her mother's room until they could defeat DD, or at least make the nocturnal attacks stop.  "Isn't there some spell to make people not dream?" she asked of the boys, who shrugged as Georgie quipped, "We're demon slayers not warlocks, hun."
"Maybe instead of waiting for this DD's next attack, we should go after him," irratation tinged Elena's voice, and she turned towards the boys, "You're demon slayers, he's a demon, so can't you just make with the slaying  on him?"
"It's not that easy, Love."
"Don't you think we've tried?"  Both men were frustrated and suffering from the lack of sleep too.  
Elena, took a drink of her coffee, and sighed. "I'm sorry. I guess we all need sleep," she pushed an errant lock of dark hair back, "Don't mean to be cranky."
"S'alright, Elena," Georgie placed a hand on her shoulder,"We've handed you quite a lot to digest."
"No kidding - demons and a ghost that pops in and out of my mother. But the question remains, what can we do?"

Michaela sat staring at Elena. Instead of debating whether they were all crazy, or trying to logically dispell it all,  she had simply accepted it and was ready to fight. That amazed her, but then again, her daughter had always been an amazing person to her.  Elena looked at her mom in return. "You could have told me, Mom, about Uncle Jaimie. But I think I get why you didn't.  Just like I didn't tell you about those dreams I was having."

DD chortled to himself. Having that wench Michaela struck by a car, was pure genious. What better way to get them all in a single blow. Of course Elena, the dutiful daughter, had coming running to be with her mother. And Dave and Georgie, those spoilers of fun, were now on alert, and afraid to leave the women alone.  Which of course allowed him and his minions to have more fun without them underfoot.  Too bad it had cost him a couple of his pets.  Still, now he had them all cornered, and soon he could bring about an end to their meddling.  As far as he could see, they were the one thing between him and his owning of the entire town.    

Officer  Robert Indigo, stared at the sheaf of reports on his desk,as he tossed another one on the stack. "I swear the world's gone mad," he said to no one particular.  
"I'd have chosen the word bonkers, to describe it." Indingo looked up at his partner, Chuck Davis, who handed him a cup of coffee that was less then fresh, but not quite an oil slick.  
"Thanks," taking the cup, Indingo took a sip and grimaced at the taste. "Tastes like crude."
"Better then nothing though." Chuck nodded at the reports, "So why is the world madder then normal?"
"You mean to tell me, you don't see it? "
"Can't say, unless you tell me what 'it' is," Davis parked his lanky frame across the desk they shared.  He looked Indigo full in the face, trying to gage what was going on behind his partner's eyes.  He supposed,  most women found Indigo down right irrestible.  He was quite literally, the romantic image most women seemed to hold of an American Indian brave; the high cheekbones, and coal black hair, with eyes so dark as to appear black.  
"I can't exactly put my finger on it, but..." Indigo frowned, searching for the right words, "the calls we go on lately - don't they seem more violent or crazier then you? 
Like that one this morning. A guy doesn't like his eggs, so the wife takes a butcher knife to him?"
Chuck shrugged, "Maybe it's that time of the month for her."
Indigo snorted disapproval, and looked down at the report he was filling out.  " Mike was talking about a school yard fight they got called in on, today," he leaned forward, " It was at the grade school. Three ten year old boys were attacking a nine year old girl.  When a teacher tried to interfer, they attacked him too.  He said, the boys claimed that they had been told to do it - by a guy they all saw in a dream."
"Whoa!" Chuck shot forwards in his chair, "Now that's weird.  Kids that young going for an insanity plea? "
Indigo shot a look at him, but then saw the truth written across his broad face. The sarcasm was just masking his own disturbance at what was happening about town. 
"Seriously, Chuck. Is it me, or are things getting weirder then normal?"
"Guess I gotta agree. Old lady Witherspoon, my neighbor? Well, she came pounding on my door around three this morning.  She was pretty banged up, like she'd been mauled by an animal of some sort.  She kept claiming there was a dragon in her bedroom."
"Did you check it out?"
"Well...just as a curtesy to her.  I mean, a dragon? Come on.  Of course there was nothing there, but her room was a mess. Things tossed all over the place, as if there'd been a struggle.  I took her over to ER. She said she was sleeping when something woke her, and there was this dragon," Chuck paused, "Such a sweet old lady she was too.  Never thought she was one to imagine such things."
Indigo picked up his coffee and toyed with it before setting it back down. "What you say we go get a real cup?"
"You're on," Chuck stood up. 

It was such a beautiful spring day that Michaela declared they all had to get out and enjoy it.  She and Elena had taken to sleeping in the same room, with Jamie keeping watch and waking them at the first sign of disturbed sleep.  In that way, they got some rest, and the sleep demons were kept at bay.  The boys had kept up the night patrols, and with the increase activity now spreading into day, had more then earned a little Rand R she declared.  So the four of them, headed over to the little coffee shop.
Indigo looked up as they entered, and watched them select a booth.  
"What's up?" Chuck asked, his mouth still full with sandwich.
"I think I recognize that woman... it was a few months back. "
Chuck twisted around and took a look, turning back he said, "Wasn't she that one that guy tried to rob or something, and she kicked his ass?"
"Yeah, I think so," he took a sip of his coffee," I always found that kinda amazing."
"Well, women aren't the helpless creatures they once were, I guess. They take all kinds of lessons now. Tikwando, karate, even kick boxing."
" I know the girl's her daughter. But I wonder who the two guys are. "
Davis shrugged, "Friends . Maybe even dates.  She could be a cougar yanno."
He leaned over a bit, "Jealous?"
Indigo laughed,"No, just curious. " He watched the group order, the resume their conversation, which seemed to be some quite intense from his vantage point. 
Michaela and Elena had been arguing over Elena's return to school. Michaela wanted her to go, and Elena was adamant about staying.  "How am I suppose to leave you alone with all this? School will wait."
The boys coughed. Elena looked at them, "Ok, not exactly alone, but are you going to tell me the three of you can handle it on your own?" 
"Not three - I'm here too," Jamie spoke up.
"Ok, three and a half, then.  You can't do anything without Mom," Elena whispered.
She brought her voice back up to normal, "Besides, I'd be useless at school, always wondering if you were alright. "
"Education is important, Elena. I won't have you tossing your future away."
"And if we don't prevail, what future is that, Mom?"
Michaela looked down at her hands, and rubbed at an imaginary spot with her thumb across the back of the other. She knew Elena had a point. Every day the news was getting worse.  Not just in their little town of Widowsdance, either. It was a world wide epidemic.  People seemed to be growing a little more apethetic to their neighbor's plights. Turning their backs on getting involved. Evil obviously was on the rise, just as Jamie had told her.  "The choice is yours of course," she spoke, "But you're so close to graduating!" 
"Maybe you could take some on-line classes?" Georgie spoke.  "That way, you could finish, and still be here." 
"That's an idea," Michaela brightened. 
"I'll look into it. I promise," Elena said.  "Maybe I should look into some local self-defense classes too."
"Well, I could help you there," Dave offered. "Actually any of us could. Your Mom's getting pretty good, even without Jamie's prescence."
"I think that's some sort of sub-concious memory residue," Georgie put forth."Her mind on some level remembers the moves Jamie performed. "
"Interesting theory," Dave said as he took another bite of burger.
"I thought we weren't going to talk shop," Michaela interrupted.  
"Right-o," Georgie returned his attention to his meal. "Anyone have a clue as to why that officer has been staring at us?"
The other three looked over, and back.
"Mmmmm, maybe all the monster talk?" Elena said.
"I don't know. He looks a bit familiar though," Michaela frowned trying to place him. 
"Maybe he just thinks Mickey's hot," Dave smirked, causing Michaela to laugh.
He had said it in jest, but he was closer to the truth then he knew.  Indigo had noted, as he had the night of the attack, that Michaela was attractive.  He thought she looked like a little doll.  
Davis had finished eating, and stood up indicating it was time to go. As they started over to pay, Indigo paused at the booth where the group sat. They looked at him expectantly. He smiled, his focus on Michaela. "I don't know if you remember me, Ma'am-"
Recognition dawned on Elena's face, "Oh you were one of the officers who came when that guy tried to rob us!"
Indigo swung his gaze in her direction, "That's right."  He looked back at Michaela.
"I'm sorry," Michaela spoke, "I don't recall much of that night." She was struck by the darkness of his eyes, and the squarness of his jaw.
"That's alright, ma'am. Just thought I'd stop and see how you two faired is all."
"Well, that was nice of you -," Michaela suddenly felt awkward. As if everyone and everything else had faded away, and it was just her and this man left.  He stuck his hand out, "Name's Indigo. Robert Indigo."  Michaela shook his hand and felt an electric current pass between them, as she uttered her own name.  It ended as soon as she released his hand introducing him to the others.  
"Indigo!" his partner called, "Time to go!"
"Coming!" he answered back, "Gotta go. Nice meeting you folks." He said as he left. 
"Well that was - interesting," Georgie remarked.

Elena was successful in transferring most of her classes to being online, and most days found her in front of the computer, while Michaela compiled information on what might be demon invoked attacks.  
Elena watched her mother as she'd read and sort the clippings.  Already she knew that Michaela was weeding out what was just man's seamier side from demon inspired activities. She wasn't sure exactly how Michaela knew the difference, to her bad was well bad.  Her mother noted on another paper the locations of the attacks, then transferred them onto a map of the town.
Looking at the number of red pins, Elena remarked,"Looks like they've been real busy."
Michaela nodded. " This area," she tapped an area on the east side  of town,"Seems to be the hot bed of it."
Elena got up to take a look, "The low income area...I wonder why that is?"
"Folks that don't have a lot, have the most to gain and the less to loose, I suppose. Also they tend to be more desperate. "
"And DD is holed up there, somewhere isn't he?"
"Dave and Georgie say he is, although they aren't sure exactly where."
As if on cue, the two men sauntered in. "Dinner time, Ladies," Georgie held out a sack of chinese take out, "Come eat before your moo-goo is icky-poo."
Elena and Michalea both laughed. 
Seated around the table they were comfortable companions.  Paper cartons were passed back and forth, and small talk was made as food found its way from carton to plate to mouth. 
Suddenly this peaceful time was shattered by a high piercing child's scream from next door.  As a unit the group charged from the table , and ran outside towards  the direction of the screaming. As they ran, Elena dialed 911, and was informed they were already on their way.
Dave, the fleetest was already banging on the front door as the other three arrived and fanned out, trying to peer in windows and checking the back door.  Abruptly the screaming stopped, and the house became eeriely quiet. Both Elena had been calling out their neighbor's names to no avail.  Now both Georgie and Dave put their shoulders to the door bursting it open, the sound nearly an explosion in the silence. 
Entering, both Elena and Michaela called out to four year old Tommy, and his parents. 
"Listen!" Dave's voice was urgent but soft, "Hear that?" It was an odd tearing, slurping, sucking sound, that reminded Elena of a nature film she had once seen of a pack of jackels eating a carcas.  Georgie pointed towards the kitchen, and the group moved in that direction.  Motioning the women back, Georgie took one side of the closed door, and Dave the other before shoving the door open.  Inside was chaos. 
The once pristine white kitchen was now patterned in sprays and pools of red. The table and chairs where knocked over, with dinner scattered across the floor.  In a corner with her back to them was Mrs. Slater, haunched over her husband's body. It was she that was making the slurping ,sucking ,smacking sound.
Sirens filled the air and a voice called out indentifying the Widowsdance police had arrived.  "In here!" Michaela forced her voice to sound calm, and tried not to gag, as Mrs. Slater turned towards them slightly, bits of her husband's flesh hanging from her jaws as she noisily chewed. Her face streaked with blood, her disshelved hair a tangled mess from what clearly had been a fight.  Instinctively she had moved in front of Elena, just as the men had closed ranks in front of her.  But even their bodies, did not shield her from the horror sprawled out in that kitchen.
Indigo and Davis entered with guns drawn.  "Jesus Christ!" they swore in unison.
Mrs. Slater sprang at them like an animal. She landed on Davis knocking him to the ground , snarling and snapping at his throat. He attempted to push her off, but she fought harder.  One shot rang out, as Indigo fired.  Slater's head arched back, and she fell over, as Davis pushed her and scrambled to his feet, with a cry of "What the hell!?' and snatched his gun back up off the ground. "Jesus Christ! What is going on here?"  
Indigo had already begun pushing the group out of the kitchen,"let's go," he ordered when a mewling sound caught their ears. The soft sound of muffled crying, came from under the sink. Davis turned towards the sound and leveled his gun, as Indigo stooped and pulled open the doors.  Inside he found Tommy, curled into a hardball, and pressing himself as far back into the corner as he could. "Here, son," Indigo held out his hand."Come here. We won't hurt you." Relunctly the boy came out then hurtled himself into Indigo's arms, clinging tightly to him.  Indigo cradled the boy's head to his shoulder, effectively preventing him from looking about.  He didn't know how much the boy had seen, but he wouldn't be subjcted to more if he could help it. 

At home, no one had any interest in eating more dinner. Elena, already having lost what dinner she had eaten to th rose bushes next door, silently put away the left overs.  She had known the Slater family for ever, and just could not understand Mrs. Slater going all Hannible like that.  
The others were seated in the living room, talking with officers Indigo and Davis. They really could not offer more information then they already had, but they understood the unspoken fact that the officers were also shaken by what they had seen.  Not that you would know it, they hid it well.  But asking questions was part of their normal routine, and what they wanted most was something normal.   
After learning that the group lived next door, Indigo had allowed them to go home, while he and Davis waited for the coroner, and family services to take charge of the boy.   He told them he'd be around for statements. He touched Michaela lightly on the arm asking if she was alright, again he felt the light current of electricity pass between them.  Too soon it was broken as Georgie and Dave escorted the women back home.
He and Davis stood outside the house waiting. The smell of congealing blood made being  inside almost impossible.  Davis leaned heavily against the side of the squad car, smoking a cigarette.  He inhaled deeply, then exhaled watching the thin ribbon of smoke  curl up into nothingness.  Indigo looked at him for a long moment, and Davis waited for the 'lecture' to begin. For over a year Indigo had been trying to get him to quit.  "Can I get one of those?"  Indigo asked.  
Surprised Davis fished the pack out of his pocket.  Indigo took one and lit it, closing his eyes. "Anything to get that foul stench out of my nostrils," he murmered. 
Now, they were seated Michaela's cozy living room.  Elena had put coffee on and the aroma drifted through the air.  Georgie had perched himself on the arm of the chair where Mickie sat, and Dave stood nearby, slightly behind Elena who had perched on the other arm.  Indigo observed this and understood- they were all drawing comfort and strength from each other.   There seemed nothing left to do but to leave.  Indigo cautioned them not to talk to the press or anyone from the media, "we don't need a circus on our hands."  Looking at Michaela he added, that he might be in touch if there were further questions, and if they thought of anything they should call.  He penned his home number on his card for her. "Day or night, you think of anything, call me."
   Back in the squad, Davis smirked at him, "Day or night, huh?"
"Shut up," Indigo chuckled a bit at his own transparency.  Yeah, now that he knew for certain that Michaela was available, he wouldn't mind seeing her socialy. 




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